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“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?”

- George Eliot


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From “Comfort Zone” newsletter by Elaine Aron, May 2010

In this issue you will find suggestions for planning and enjoying a vacation in keeping with your sensitivity. I've already written quite differently about travel in past issues (August 2006 and Vol. 3, issue 3, 1998). I've also written about air travel (May 2006 and Vol. 6, Issue 2) Then there's the new and novel HSP Home Stay program.


You can also learn some tips to enhance your natural listening skills. I highly recommend this - it will make your close relationships even closer.


Finally, think with me about whether ALL HSPs are high sensation seekers if you include "inner sensations."


Dates to Consider:

I will be at Esalen for the weekend of May 21-23, teaching a course on The Undervalued Self. You learn some new ways of thinking and participate in structured activities to "link" with others in a closer, more skillful way. The evaluations from the first course, which was made up of about half HSPs, were very high. I think that's because there is more to learn about linking than you might think, and linking helps you value yourself more accurately. In fact, I may start guaranteeing that you will leave feeling better about yourself or your money back!


HSP Gathering on Gabriola Island, BC

The early registration deadline for the 19th HSP Gathering Retreat on Gabriola Island, British Columbia has been extended to May 28th. It is being held at The Haven, June 11-15, 2010. Come swim in the ocean, join in a community sunset ceremony each evening, and experience what four days in nature with other HSPs can manifest in your life. Check out the details, educational topics and speakers here.


I will be speaking about The Undervalued Self in book stores around the San Francisco Bay Area:

Kepler's Books in Menlo Park, Thursday night, June 3, 7:30

Copperfield's Books, Santa Rosa store, Wednesday night, June 9, 7pm

Book Passage, Corte Madera Store, Marin County, Saturday night, June 12, 7pm



Besides writing the Comfort Zone, I have a blog on Psychology Today you might enjoy. The subjects posted are different from those in the newsletter.

How to Make Use of more or less 200 Comfort Zone Articles about HSPs



It's hard to believe that I have been writing this newsletter since 1997 - 12 years. I've written about 200 articles on almost anything you can imagine, so I am often asked questions that are answered in one or more of these articles. Now you can search for answers through the search box at the top of the Comfort Zone page.



May 2010 Articles:

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