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- George Eliot

23 December 2010

The latest from Jacquelyn Strickland at HSP World Network

Greetings dear HSP friends and colleagues,


Here is the link to the December 2010 issue of HSP Highlights & Insights:


This is the first issue I have completed on my own ... I hope there are no "technical difficulities," however, if there are, just know I will correct them as soon as possible.


HSP Insights in this issue:

A Meditation of Hope and Love


"HSP Highlights" in this issue are:

An article entitled: "Changing Lives: One HSP Gathering Retreat at a Time." It is a report from the 20th HSP Gathering Retreat held in September 2010.

A review of Elaine Aron's latest book, Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person.

The dates and places for the 2011 HSP Gathering Retreats. I hope you can plan now to join us at one of these often life changing retreats.

The addition of a few of my favorite past newletter articles, found in the Past Archives link, with more to come.


Here’s wishing you all the love, hope, and joy of this season.




You can also read this online at


22 September 2010

HSPinMelbourne Group


As a result of the Inaugural Melbourne HSP Network Inaugural Meeting on 7 September 2010, there is now an additional HSP egroup for HSPs who live in and around Melbourne.


For more information:

Group home page:

Group email address:


Latest from the ‘Comfort Zone’ Newsletter by Elaine Aron (


New research on how and why HSPs are more easily bored in their relationships, an article by Ted Zeff on highly sensitive men, and a report on HSPs in Israel, including this one, who went there for the first time.

Read more >>> 


Two New Books


Ted Zeff's new book, The Strong Sensitive Boy: Help Your Son Become a Strong, Confident Man, came out just after the last Comfort Zone, so we waited to launch it this time, with the article by Ted, as well as the book in the book store, signed by him.

Read more >>>


My own book, Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person: Improving Outcomes for That Minority of People Who Are the Majority of Clients (Routledge), is also now available.

Read more >>>



East Coast: April 28 - May 2

United Kingdom: June 16-20

So. California: Sept 1-5

Read more >>> 


Big Response at the American Psychological Association Convention

I just returned from there, where we had organized a symposium on "High Sensitivity, a Personality/Temperament Trait: Lifting the Shadow of Psychopathology."

Read more >>>

16 August 2010

Announcing the Inaugural Meeting of the Melbourne HSP Network


The inaugural meeting of the Melbourne HSP Network will be held on Tuesday 7th September 2010 at 7pm at the Bowen Street Community Centre, 102 Bowen Street, Camberwell. For more information, call Trudy on 0414 422 877 or Contact us.

22 June 2010

The HSP network has a new Yahoo! Group where people can share ideas and information. For details go to:


From “Comfort Zone” newsletter by Elaine Aron, May 2010


Therapists: The book Psychotherapy and Highly Sensitive People (Guildford press) will be published June 2. We will have signed copies of it on the website later in June, but good old Amazon has it already on sale as a pre-order. The outrageous price is because it is a book written strictly for practicing therapists, although there's nothing to stop others from reading it.

Copenhagen: About 450 HSPs came to an event in Copenhagen where I spoke. I also presented research at one of the leading neuropsychology-genetics research centers in Denmark.


Brain Studies of HSPs receive press attention: The two brain scan articles that I have already written about are finally in print (link to Feb 2008, Feb. 2007), although you have to have access to the journals to read them. We wrote press releases that received attention all over the world. You might enjoy Dr. Gupta's because this blog is so popular and the post of the research resulted in a huge number of comments.



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